EVIVA Midtown Beautiful condo style apartments with the most modern, top-of-the-line comforts. 1531 N St.

Today at 1:10pm

OPEN HOUSE TODAY! Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center 4/27 3-8 pm. Meet the doctors & staff. Free B-12 Shots for the first 50. New treatment options. Healthy food. Herbal tasting bar. Delicious smoothies. Product samples. Raffle prizes.
2530 J St.

Today at 11:00am

Capitol Garage Good eats (and drinks) right here. Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Downtown at 1500 K St.

Today at 9:47am

Dive Bar Thursday night Jive & live music every Tuesday night. Appearances by live mermaids/mermen. Downtown at
1016 K St.

Apr 26th 4:14pm

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