DAI! Endurance Studio

Sacramento’s newest fitness studio for indoor cycling workouts, strength/mobility, and high end bike fitting. Let’s make you, a better you!

  • At Dai Endurance, we know that an individual is physically capable of more than they recognize in themselves. Our two founders, both former U.S. National Team and World Tour Pro Cyclists, live pushing the physical body past what the brain thinks is possible.

    Our clients are busy-working professionals, athletes who are returning to sport after injury, and individuals wanting to stay physically strong while juggling their work/home/life balance. With our knowledge and experience, we help our clients maximize their finite training time with science-based tools. We are about creating maximum impact around one’s physical well-being. We are committed to helping our clients forge new territories in their individual fitness goals.

    Five Essentials of Fitness
    Our primary offerings focus on the five essentials of fitness – endurance, power, mobility, stability and injury prevention. These essentials are coupled with a power-based yet nurturing yoga. Scientific analysis around one’s running movement as well as one’s relationship to the bike are two critical service offerings. Finally, we support our clients with daily individualized training programs to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to efficiently and effectively help them reach their fitness goals.

    Our class work and services focuses on the individual reaching his or her maximum potential through innovative offerings:

    • Indoor Power Classes on the revolutionary Wahoo Trainer
    • Stability Classes utilizing the zero-gravity Red Cord Suspension System
    • Key methodology with the The Foundations Training Method
    • Yoga for endurance athletes
    • SIMI Motion Capture Gait Analysis
    • SIMI Motion Capture Bike Fitting
    • Endurance Training & Coaching