Ernesto’s Mexican Food

Voted Best Mexican Restaurant by Sacramento Magazine.

  • Our Food

    Our appreciation for you includes your good health, and that determines how we prepare your food. Many years ago, in old Mexico, a big belly was a sign of great prosperity. Those who could afford to prepared their food with pig fat, or lard. This choice made foods more flavorful. Today, we know that the fats contained in lard not only contribute to a big belly, they are also one of the leading causes of heart disease and premature death. This is why at Ernesto’s, we never use lard! You don’t have to worry about a loss of flavor. We use the freshest and highest-grade ingredients in our recipes to create the authentic dishes you love.

    Speaking of ingredients, our vegetarian meals are just that – vegetarian. We do not use chicken stock or any animal products in our vegetarian dishes.

    And Speaking of flavor, if you like your salsa hot, tell your server. Our chefs make a hotter salsa for themselves to enjoy in the kitchen, and they’re happy to share it with you.

    There’s a saying in Mexico, “Panza llena, corazon contento.” “If you have a full stomach, you have a happy heart.” So, please, have a happy heart and enjoy your visit at Ernesto’s! We hope your’re as happy to be here as we are to have you. Again, welcome. And welcome back!

    Our Drinks

    The rising popularity of tequila provides another standard for judging total quality Mexican restaurants: Just how many 100 percent agave tequilas are on hand at Ernesto’s?

    Ernesto’s stocks over 40 kinds of 100 percent agave tequila, including such fashionable labels as Patron and Herradura. At Ernesto’s a margarita made with Herradura Gold will dynamically change how you define a great Margarita.

    Feeling adventurous and curious?

    Did you know, tequilas can be grouped broadly into two types? One is mixto, which by Mexican law need not contain more than 60 percent agave, the succulent from which the spirit is distilled. The other is 100 percent agave, which must be distilled entirely from the choice blue agave, making it reputedly more complex, distinctive and interesting.

    Which brings us back to your journey to explore the art of and design of the different types of Margaritas created by Ernesto for you.

    Try Ernesto’s Top Shelf, Fiesta and Iguana Margarita’s, on the rocks or blended, with or without salt and mention our website and we will give you our cocktail recipes free. Just ask we’ll tell!

    Also, at Ernesto’s feel at home and create your own Margarita. Our bartenders are trained professionals ready and willing to release your creative potential.

    We have three bar rules at Ernesto’s:

    Bring your ID
    Drink responsibly and don’t drive
    Love people not things

    Buen Provecho,
    The Family at Ernesto’s

  • Social Hour

    Monday – Thursday
    3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
    9 p.m. – Close