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Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center is a professional primary care natural medicine clinic committed to helping all people reach their full potential – mind, body and spirit.








    ABOUT  Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center

    Dr. Godby, Dr. Ethelbah, and Dr. Ray are a medical team of Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) – the only specialty of California-licensed primary care doctors formally trained in both mainstream and natural medicine. Founded in the belief of nature’s healing power, NDs diagnose and treat differently from conventional doctors. First and foremost, NDs treat with natural medicine, prescribe healthy lifestyle, and seek to find the true causes of dis-ease. NDs help patients to get and stay healthy, not to merely control disease. If mainstream medical care is not helping you to achieve your health goals, perhaps it is time to seek an ND – America’s Natural Medicine Experts!


    MEET the Doctors

    We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of Dr. Ray:

    Dr. Ray, ND, MS was born and raised in the South. I’m a descendent of a long line of naturalists. My first exposure to natural medicine came in the form of my mom’s and Bigma’s (maternal grandmother) home remedies. From curing coughs to constipation, or bee stings to tummy aches, my matriarchs turned to herbs and natural household ingredients first before relenting to see the doctor.

    For my training and education, I attended and graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with degrees in Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research and an advanced obstetrics/midwifery certificate in Natural Childbirth. I have extensive training and experience in many areas including: primary care, women’s health, pediatric & adolescent medicine, acute care, mental & behavioral health support, addiction support, balanced-lifestyle management, anti-aging, mind-body medicine, trans health and more.

    Lastly, I became a doctor to help you because I am you! From my own life and healing journey, I know firsthand the challenges and frustrations associated with the road to wellness. Hence, it’s become my passion to heal and teach others how to not only conquer disease, but also their own personal roadblocks. To achieve your wellness goals, we will collaborate closely and unite as a team for your health. You no longer have to walk this journey alone, but instead, with an ally you can trust will truly listen and give the compassion you deserve. Let’s begin! READ MORE ABOUT DR. RAY

    Dr. Ethelbah, ND, RDH, graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. “I am an Apache woman. I am a naturopathic doctor. The healing power of nature, the importance of culture, and the significance of identity, heritage, and history live in all of us. It is my hope to help patients with their own healing journey. I wish to bridge the gap between conventional and natural medicines, so that patients have the option to utilize both. I look forward to working with all of you and I appreciate this great adventure/opportunity.” READ MORE ABOUT DR. ETHELBAH

    Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, MA, Certified Gluten Specialist, California Naturopathic Doctors Association’s  first “Naturopathic Doctor of the Year (2012), Sutter Health-Credentialed Complementary Health Practitioner, teacher, activist, very long distance runner, and one of America’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders of Naturopathic Medicine and the American people’s preventive and natural health for the last 40 years. Dr. Godby has earned high praise from patients and ND colleagues, for “walking the walk,” his integrity, com-passion, communication skills, humor, trustworthiness, and desire to serve and transform the world. Whether you are seeking healthy aging, bio-identical hormones, thyroid support, to prevent diabetes and abdominal fat gain, or other medical concern, medical detective Dr. Godby, will partner with you to help you get to your absolute best health (not just managing symptoms). If you are seeking alternative/natural/integrative/holistic care, in Dr. Godby, you can trust! “It’s gotta be Godby.” READ MORE


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    > June 20 15: Sac Bee interview with Dr. Godby on Nat Med; Health Insurance Coverage?

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