Wayside Noodles

Wayside Noodles is the latest venue in the fast growing Vietnamese restaurant community.

“Americans absolutely love their sidewalk dining experience. In Vietnam, this is the very soul of our culture. From hot noodle soups to dry noodle stands, wayside food stands are a part of the Vietnamese landscape.

While our most popular dishes like “Pho” and “Grilled Pork over Vermicelli Noodle” remains traditional, we also added more variety to our menu. Inspired by the array of Vietnamese wayside food vendors, and to adapt to American cultures the owner and chef at WAYSIDE NOODLES saw this as an opportunity to create dishes like the Chef’s Roll, the Way Special Roll, and Curry Up.”

Come in and enjoy the new urban atmosphere of Vietnamese cooking inside “Wayside Noodles” or, weather permitting, try some “Wayside Dining”.

Wayside Noodles
828 J Street