2nd Annual California Honey Festival

Sat, May 5 2018
Downtown Woodland
3rd st & Main St
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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The California Honey Festival’s mission is to promote honey, honey bees and their products, and beekeeping through this unique educational platform, to the broader public.

Through lectures and demonstrations, the festival will help develop an interest in beekeeping by the younger generation. Attendees will learn about the myriad of issues that confront honey bees including pesticide use, diseases and even the weather! In addition, attendees can learn how to creatively plant their gardens to help feed all of our pollinators. It is important for the community to appreciate and understand the importance of bees as the lead pollinator of many of our crops adding to the food diversity we have come to enjoy.

Come the week of May 1st, Historic Downtown Woodland will be abuzz as it prepares for the Inaugural California Honey Festival. Restaurants will offer creative and tasty honey centric menus through the week. Bars will offer a selection of mixed drinks with mead or honey and local breweries will have honey beers on tap. Everything will culminate in a weekend filled with festivities from honey tastings to lectures about bees and pollinators to parklet garden displays.

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