It's All Yoga

Sacramento yoga studio born out of the philosophy that "yoga is not a class, it's a lifestyle!"
  • 2405 21st Street
    Sacramento, CA 95818



    Stop by within 15 minutes before or after class to say hi, grab a schedule or ask questions! We do not hold regular business hours. Call or email us!

  • Class Workshop/Schedule
    Open since 2005, It’s All Yoga is one of the oldest studios in Sacramento.

    Our approach is eclectic, incorporating many diverse styles of Yoga including Iyengar, vinyasa, restorative, yin, therapeutics and more. Each class is as unique as our teachers, who have diverse backgrounds and almost 100 years of teaching experience collectively.

    This studio was born out of a dream to have a space where people can be themselves and open to their own experience without apology or expectation. It has become a hub of community and friendship.

    Here we focus on the individual, as there is no one-size-fits-all. In fact, our first house rule is There’s no one right way to do a pose (check out all 13 Things We Believe).

    Our certified teachers are adept at making the poses accessible and safe for any body. Rather than teaching one specific style, we offer techniques that can help you relax into yourself.

    Whether you’re into fancy poses and staying in shape, relieving stress and chronic aches and pains, or connecting to a deeper part of yourself, everyone is welcome at It’s All Yoga!

    Coming to the Studio

    You can try out different classes and teachers with our 1 month unlimited for $39. It doesn’t have to be your first visit, but you can do it only once.

    We are located at 2405 21st Street (between Broadway and X). Here are specifics on directions and parking.

    Read our class descriptions and meet our teachers to see which speak to you. Our needs change with age, the seasons, even daily — we have classes for different body types and temperaments to meet you where you are.

    Then check out our daily class schedule to plan your visit. Sign up for the 1 month for $39 and try several! (Wondering what coming to the studio is like? Here’s a step-by-step walk through.)

    And if you’re completely new to Yoga, start here.

    Teacher Training

    We offer 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Programs registered by Yoga Alliance.

    Our programs are more like Life Education where you get to know yourself. We meet weekends over the course of months so the material can be digested and integrated into your life.

    Yoga is what happens outside of class and is a lifetime study — our programs lay the groundwork of support for that endeavor. Read more about our trainings.

    Stay in Touch

    Poke around and feel free to say Hi or send comments or questions. We’d love to hear from you.

    13 Things We Believe

    1. * There’s no one right way to do a pose (we’ll help you find your right way).*Disconnecting from the internet and computer (and wow, do we like to be connected through Facebook and Twitter) will keep you from internet hangover and hackerback, and will help you reconnect with yourself.*Cute yoga pants aren’t going to make your pose any better.*Any type of body, build, shape, weight, or frame can do yoga. You can also be any age.

      *Chocolate deserves its fair spot on the food pyramid.

      *It’s chintzy to charge for mat and towel rentals (borrow ours for free along with all our other props).

      *It is important to know you by name.

      *Just getting to class is “good enough” — if you want to lie down and rest the whole time, we won’t bother you.

      *Yoga has very practical benefits — from soothing type-A stress to lowering blood pressure to easing the aches of daily sitting and stiffness.

      *Yoga is not about what the pose looks like from the outside; it’s about what’s going on for you — on all levels, inside.

      *You do not have to be able to touch your toes or know any of the poses to come to class.

      *You’ll never be stuffed into a room of 50 people here—even though there’s always room for one more, generally our class size is under 20 to maximize your student-to-teacher time.

      *Yoga poses (asanas) are one dimension of a healthy lifestyle. At It’s All Yoga we also practice breathing exercises and meditation, and build relationships and community through volunteering, health fairs and other events.