Green Investing with Bob Dreizler Chartered Financial Consultant

Posted to Featured, Grid Services March 15th, 2012

Bob Dreizler is a financial advisor serving Sacramento, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Davis and beyond who specializes in green investing and hourly financial consulting. He is also an artist, photographer and writer.

This website serves my clients and interested individuals by providing:

information about green investment trends
resources for environmentally and socially concerned investors
tips on how to prepare for an office visit with me
fresh opinions on the economy, stock market and politics
links to alternative news, financial topics and green investments
archives of my past newsletters and web commentaries
access to my artwork and photography

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See the Bob Dreizler Grid Page for photos and more information.

Bob Dreizler
2012 H Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-2233
Fax: (916) 444-3540