ZUDA Yoga Center

Posted to Featured, Grid Services June 13th, 2012

Welcome to Zuda – where you can be free, be silly. Be yourself.

Zuda’s Yoga Classes are changing people’s lives. Each person’s story is different, each experience unique. For many, the transformation begins with the very first class. From there, the positive effects multiply and touch every aspect of their lives.

Located on the corner of 19th and O in the heart of Sacramento’s lively Midtown District, ZUDA is a vibrant community center embracing the spirit of self-discovery and the holistic healing powers of yoga. Grounded. Centered. Boundless. Meditation in motion. Our eco-friendly boutique yoga studio and motivated ZUDA team welcome you, offering high-energy classes for all levels of practice, inspiration, and power.

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Zuda Yoga Center

1515 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811