Asha Yoga Boutique

Posted to Featured August 8th, 2012

Clothing: We carry a large variety of yoga and non-yoga clothing made from environmentally and socially conscious companies. We promote lasting, beautiful, natural fabrics and search for lines that are thoughtfully designed and made to be special.

Props: We carry high quality yoga props and products such as the black and eco manduka mats, cork blocks, extra long straps, bolsters, blankets and more.

Design: We sincerely thank Catherine Reon of CRKW Studio for designing our beautiful space. She has also furnished it with “Loam Living Line”- Her personal line of collected or custom created items. Please inquire about any items of interest to you. Some are available for purchase here at Asha, or we can put you in touch with Catherine directly.

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Asha Yoga – Midtown
1050 20th Street
Suite 110
Sacramento, CA 95811