Tea Cozy

Posted to Uncategorized October 31st, 2012

Tea Cozy is a special shop featuring fine teas, tea accoutrements, British food items & gifts.

Mike & Nami Thompson are both inherent tea lovers who had a hard time finding good tea. So they opened up their own teashop. At this one of a kind shop you will find fine quality loose-leaf teas by the ounce such as: rare white teas; exotic greens and oolongs; and flavorful black teas from all over the world.

To make your tea brewing as easy and pleasurable as it can be, Tea Cozy also has a variety of beautiful and functional teapots, teacups and brewing accessories from East and West.

Don’t forget about the selection of UK food items: McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits, Cadbury chocolates, Heinz Baked Beans, Branston Pickle, HP Sauce, jams and lemon curd and more.

Tea Cozy

1021 R Street