Ancient Future

Posted to Eat the Grid, Featured July 12th, 2013
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If YOU have ever thought about belonging to a community, collaborative, or a cooperative of like-minded people; a center of nourishment, health, wholeness; serving delicious chocolate, tea, tonic, and spices, then this is a 24k Golden Opportunity to be a part of something Wonderful.

24K Cafe is a great place to grab a gourmet bite and enjoy quality loose leaf tea, New Mexican drinking chocolate or Santa Teresa coffee. We use whole and organic foods as much as possible and prepare them with great intention and love. We serve them to create a sense of art and mindful appreciation. Food is the best medicine, and Mother Earth has seen to that. We honor her here.

In the Artifacts Gift Shop, Pharmacopeia and Apothecary not only do we offer exquisite gifts of beauty and adornment, we also carry the gifts and bounty of Mother Earth in aromatherapy oils, herbs, spices, teas, tonics and elixirs.

Learn more about our professional health & well-being practitioners, tea retreats and more.