Middle Way Health

Posted to Featured, Grid Services July 12th, 2013
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Middle Way Health is a center for healing, creativity and growth. We provide holistic healthcare for adults, couples and families, and offer customized programs that include: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Shamanic Healing, Writing & Awareness Coaching, and Health & Wellness Education.

At Middle Way Health you have a wide range of therapies to choose from, including traditional and alternative modalities of talk therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, Embodied Mind therapies and Buddhist Psychotherapy.

Our full-spectrum healing model is influenced by eastern and western philosophies that emphasize awareness, balance and wholeness. To us, healing is the process of confronting and managing our fears and pains, and involves every aspect of the person. We have the tools to help you find the energy and personal power it takes to embark on a truly healing journey.