A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival

Annual event in October
  • Crest Theatre
    1013 K Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814


  • October 6, 2018

    2018 “A Place Called Sacramento” - Ten Selected Film Projects

    “Delta Breeze” by Aldo Cocco – deltabreezemovie@gmail.com – In life or love, listening is a strong force behind great change.

    “The Disappeared” by Thalia Caraveo – thedisappearedmovie74@gmail.com – A grieving woman dealing with the loss of her mother to Alzheimer's learns a beautiful lesson about love, loss and acceptance.

    “The Engagement Ring” by Romeo Trocino – theengagementring2018@gmail.com – Jason is ready to propose to the love of his life. When the big moment arises, the outcome is not what he pictured it would be.

    “Escargot” by Judith Plank – escargot.the.movie@gmail.com – Just your average everyday family, making big progress at a snail's pace.

    “The Gift” by Ritu Atwal – pcsTheGift@gmail.com – It’s her first wedding anniversary, but the most precious gift a young woman receives, is not the one from her husband.

    “Justin Time” by William Mendoza – justintimethemovie@gmail.com – Leslie hates deadlines, but delivering newspapers late today could have a deadly penalty.

    “Triple Shot Latte” by Amy Lawrence – never2latte4love@gmail.com – Finding a partner is a project that requires time, energy and an extra clip for the Glock.

    “The Story of Jane and Jo” by Eric Sanderson – janeandjoemovie@gmail.com – Jane and Jo may see each other every day, but will they ever hear the music of their hearts?

    “Swipe Right” by Nathan Reedy – swiperightflick@gmail.com – The very single and amused Will banters with the very committed and disenchanted Vanessa about the challenges of relationships and finding true romance in the hyper technological world of online dating.

    “Tono Sommeso” by Danya Barrows – Tonosommesso@gmail.com – When a blind woman with heightened senses pursues her dream of becoming a Master Sommelier, she discovers a family secret that could keep her from ever reaching her goal.

    “A Place Called Sacramento” is an Access Sacramento Production
    4623 T Street, Suite A
    Sacramento, CA. 95819
    (916) 456-8600