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    General Information

    Toys are works of art. Art Of Toys is an online toy art gallery built to showcase toys and the artists that craft them. Art Of Toys showcase one of a kind, hard to find, rare, vintage & collectible toy art from around the globe.

    History of Art of Toys
    In 1989 I was guest curator the  State of California History Museum in Sacramento for a show I created called “California Doll Artists Making History”. This show was to be the springboard for me to open my own gallery of toy makers and artisans work. This was before the internet and the concept that toys could be art was alien but I was determined. Life stepped in…

    Since this is 20 years later I have expanded my knowledge in the world of sales and retail as well as life experiences which in these tough economic times should mean I keep my corporate sales job and be a happy… but  I want my dream before I’m too old to put in the labor and enjoy the fruits. I am now discovering single life again and the challenges and joys of living on my own with children grown! So here I am back full circle ready to dive in. I represented toy lines and toy artists for 14 years, went to Disney Collectibles ( which I loved), moved to selling art and ended in ladies accessories. I am now combining the knowledge I acquired from all my past positions to promote toy designers and artists and help share this fabulous art that has had so little exposure in the art world. I have added vintage toys as well for I have collected both and love to mix old with new and as the gallery has expanded the “gift” category has grown which is wonderful toys from around the world.

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