Capital Books on K - Downtown

A new book experience in downtown Sacramento.
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    Welcome to Capital Books on K Street in Downtown Sacramento!

    Nothing beats the experience of coming into our bookstore. We’d love to help you find the perfect book. But if you simply cannot make it in, you can find everything we’re carrying in the shop in our online store.

    We sell brand-new books, with a smattering of pop-culture-related sidelines. We provide a local alternative to ordering books online or having to drive to one of the malls to find a chain store. We feel the downtown community—both the workers who commute in every day and those who live in downtown—will find value in having the latest books available on the shelf and not showing up two days later in a box.

    It’s our close proximity to the Crest Theater that gives us confidence and excitement about the store. Our ability to host author events at the Crest is an opportunity that few other bookstores in the county have—and it’s right next door.

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