Let Them Eat Cake

Annual fundraising event in July for Sacramento Self Help Housing
  • Beatnik Studios
    723 S Street
    Sacramento, CA 95811


  • July

    Each year, the “Let Them Eat Cake” fundraising event is scheduled on or near Bastille Day (note that it is believed that Marie Antoinette may have coined the memorable “Let them eat cake” phrase shortly before the French Revolution). The fundraising event supports Sacramento Self-Help Housing and their efforts to identify positive solutions and workable alternatives for local community members dealing with homelessness or trying to break free from a cycle of unstable living situations. Additionally, Sacramento Self-Help Housing is partnering with the Department of Human Assistance and the County of Sacramento to relocate homeless encampments off the river, by placing them in housing, together, in our scattered-site emergency shelter program.

    Sacramento Self-Help Housing organization is a leader in the “housing first” model of homelessness response by providing shared housing. Sacramento Self-Help Housing also provides housing counseling at Friendship Park and homeless outreach navigation in locations throughout the Sacramento area, and a "renters helpline" which includes the region's fair housing enforcement program to address illegal fair housing discrimination.

    “Let Them Eat Cake” tickets cost $40 per person or two for $75 in advance or $50 per person at the door. Again, no ticket is required for guests who submit an entry into the spirited and fun cake contest. For tickets to the “Let Them Eat Cake” fundraising event and/or more information about Sacramento Self-Help Housing, please visit www.sacselfhelp.org or call 916-341-0593.