Mayahuel - Tequila Museo and Restaurant - Downtown

Restaurant, bar, and lounge. An Experience for the Senses! Innovative drinks, fresh cuisine, mezcal and tequila, special events, art, music.
  • 1200 K Street
    Suite 3
    Sacramento, CA 95814



  • Mayahuel – A place to immerse yourself in authentic Mexican culture.

    At Mayahuel, every detail embraces art – the cuisine, drinks, murals, music and artisanal tequila and mezcales. Feel the passion of Mexico and hear the blessings of the Ancient Ones.

    * Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Brunch
    * Drinks & Happy Hour
    * Walk-Ins & Reservations Welcome
    * Groups, Kids, Private Party Friendly
    * Take Out & Catering
    * Live Music Evenings
    * Special Vegan Menu
    * Elegant and Festive Outdoor Patio

    A Full Tequila Experience

    Tequila represents much about Mexico's proud heritage and its people, culture, art and livelihood. MAYAHUEL's menu, artwork, store and monumental tequila selection will capture... and deliver a unique blend of that ancient tradition with a contemporary eye towards what's fresh and on the horizon.

    Our Tequila Room is dedicated to the presenting the tequila culture and it's magical process. The Coa Room is designed for special events, social gatherings, tequila presentations and private parties.

  • See our MENUS HERE
    (Vegetarian & vegan options too!)