Midtown Sushi

Come experience amazing sushi, expertly made, in a cozy and friendly neighborhood environment.
  • 2801 P Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816



    Tue-Sat: 11:30am - 10pm
    Sun: 5:00pm -10pm

  • Midtown Sushi (formerly Lou's Sushi):

    Sacramento’s award winning sushi restaurant, serving the highest quality ingredients, using classical techniques to prepare fish and offering a wide variety vegan options, is changing names. After five years in business we’ve learned some things, and realized it’s not just about one person as the former name would indicate. We realized it was about our entire team of dishwashers, cooks, servers, chefs, managers and owners.

    After splitting ways with our former minority partner almost two years ago, we thought it was time to give ourselves a name that truly reflected who we are.

    Come 2019 we will officially be renamed Midtown Sushi — so get ready for our best year ever.


    Here at Midtown Sushi (formerly known as Lou's Sushi) our aim is to bring back the old school small mom and pop style sushi bar to Midtown. We serve the freshest fish in town along with lots of specialty items unique to our restaurant.

    Midtown Sushi is located on the corner of 28th and P Street in Midtown.

    * Vegetarian and vegan friendly

    * Patio dining

    * Tuesdays and Sundays = All Day happy hour!

  • Check current menu and specials here: http://www.lousushi.com/menu-category/menu/

  • Tuesday & Sunday ALL DAY happy hour

    Wednesday - Saturday 3-6pm happy hour