Oishii Sushi and Karaoke Rooms

Sushi Restaurant & Grill plus Private Karaoke Rooms located in downtown Sacramento.
  • 1000 K Street
    Suite 200
    Sacramento, CA 95814



  • Oishii Sushi means "Delicious Sushi" in Japanese. We serve the highest grade of fish, thick cuts of sashimi, and fusion sushi designed by our professionally trained sushi chefs. Our sushi rolls are prepared to tantalize your taste buds and are large enough for two.

    Oishii Grill creates your favorite hot foods. Our most popular items are pan-fried Gyoza (potstickers), fluffy tempura, and tasty chicken wings - all wonderful crowd appetizers for parties of any size. We also serve teriyaki dishes, teppanyaki, and even fried rice and noodles. Feel free to ask us for recommendations!

    Oishii Karaoke ~ About KTV
    KTV means Karaoke Television - also known as Karaoke Box or Video Karaoke.

    At our establishment, you get the comfort of singing in your own Private1 Full Service Karaoke Room. Our Karaoke System is hooked up to a touchscreen monitor that will control your playlists and volume of the music. Each room is double-padded with sound absorbers and thick wooden doors that will minimize the noise in the hallways.

    Service Call-Button
    2 Microphones
    40inch TVs
    Rectangular Tables with Phone shelf
    Individual Thermostat per Room
    Optional Auxilery input (Upon requests with a $20 cash hold)
    2 wall power outlets

    Reservations can be made by calling us within business hours. We are working on a more convenient process. Thank you for your patience. 916.557.8088

    Oishii Sushi Restaurant Hours
    Wednesday - Sunday: 11am - 2:30pm
    Thursday & Sunday: 6pm - 10pm
    Friday & Saturday: 6pm - 2am

    Heartbeat KTV Hours
    Thursday - Saturday: 6pm - 2am
    Sunday: 6pm - 12am
    CALL TO RESERVE: 916.557.8088