Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op - Midtown

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is proud to offer a marketplace for local, organic produce. Locally owned since 1973, the Co-op is the place where quality food, inspiration and community meet.
  • 2820 R Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816

    classes: 916-868-6399


    Daily from 7am - 10pm

  • Shop for your favorite natural foods, as well as organic and healthy alternatives to your favorite grocery items. When you shop at the Co-op, you skip the trans-fats, the preservatives, and all those chemicals your body would rather do without.

    * 100% organically grown produce
    * certified organic meat & poultry
    * seafood from sustainable sources
    * artisan & alternative cheese
    * unique wine & micro-brews
    * deli, buffet & juice bar
    * body care, supplements & herbs
    * organic coffee & tea
    * bulk items
    * vegan & raw foods
    * fair trade goods & gifts
    * learning center & cooking school

    Co-ops are a place where everyone is welcome. While you don’t have to be an owner to shop, it’s easy and fun to join. Best of all, you’ll feel good sharing in the bounty of a business that will be locally owned forever, a business with integrity that supports the local community and at the same time builds connections with our local growers. Membership

    For over forty years, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op has been owned by thousands of members of the community. Our store works for the benefit of the communities it serves, providing a wide selection of quality products and a connection to the people who grow and produce them. Community Overview

    Our purpose is to provide our community with seasonal, local, organic food that is wholesome, delicious and made fresh in our kitchen daily. We aim to serve our customers’ wide variety of dietary preferences, and we change our menu with the seasons. Our deli features an organic salad bar, a hot buffet that changes daily, dozens of fresh salads, fresh juices, fair trade organic coffee and more. Food Service Options

    We hold the products that we sell in our Wellness Department to very high standards in requiring that they be free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and other unnecessary additives. Additionally, we select manufacturers that share our environmental, social, and cooperative conscience. We respect diverse opinions about what is healthy and in turn offer a broad range of products at the most competitive prices possible to meet the needs of as many of our customers as we can. Wellness Department

    The Co-op’s classes feature the high quality, local and organic ingredients we sell in our store. Students receive a “shop after class” coupon for special savings after each class. Class Schedule