Shoki Ramen House R Street

Shoki Ramen House: serving Sacramento expertly crafted true and healthy ramen and Japanese bites. Pure, all-natural, and healthy where EVERYTHING is made from scratch.
  • 1201 R Street
    Sacramento, CA 95811



    Su: 11am-10pm

  • Shoki’s ramen is not the unhealthy ramen that we all know of. Our ramen is a healthy alternative and everything is made from scratch. That’s right, everything!

    Our broth (soup), tare (base sauce), and toppings are made fresh at Shoki and is prepared with using Yasushi’s own original recipe. Our noodles are made from a reputable company that makes it to our specifications.

    As you know, traditional ramen is flavored using MSG and preservatives and is usually processed, infused with sodium and high in calories! Don’t worry about that at Shoki! Owner/Chef, Yasushi Ueyama is very passionate about making his ramen pure, all-natural, and healthy. He uses absolutely no MSG, preservatives, or unnatural ingredients to enhance the flavor of the broth so that you can enjoy our soup to the last drop. Enjoy!

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