St. Baldrick’s Day

St. Baldrick’s, Annual fundraising event in March

  • 3/13/17

    Shear amazingness! How much money would it take to shave your head? What if all that money went to making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer? That’s what St. Baldrick’s Day is all about – going bald for a good cause.

    Every year, we gather the community for a one-day event that brings together teams of people willing to shave their heads bald as a sign of solidarity with children who are fighting cancer. All participants, which include local businesses, schools, politicians, de Vere’s patrons, and even plenty of women, raise money in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, then congregate at de Vere’s Irish Pub (Midtown Sacramento and Davis) to shave their heads. And yes, we’re talkin’ buzzed bald!

    We hope you’ll all come out and get involved. It’s truly an inspiring and entertaining evening to participate in as well as watch. (There’s literally an assembly line of headshavers and shavees!)

    Please help de Vere’s Irish Pub support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation by making a donation on our behalf to support childhood cancer research. After all, in the United States, more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Donate by mail or phone. Thank you for your support!

    Fans can also order exclusive St. Patrick’s 2012 t-shirts through their ticket confirmation email and pick it up at the game at the de Vere’s tent. A portion of all ticket and t-shirt proceeds benefits the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

    To sign up to get your head shaved or to donate click here.

    For more information on our St. Baldrick’s Day events visit here.

    About St. Baldrick’s Day

    This worldwide campaign by The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, honors children fighting childhood cancer and raises funds for much needed research. For the seventh consecutive year, St. Baldrick’s Day Celebrations – a play-on-words with St. Patrick’s Day – will recruit volunteers to shave their heads in public in return for financial donations from friends, colleagues and family. Currently, there are over 200 National St. Baldrick’s Celebrations scheduled world-wide. KRM asks potential participants to honor those children who are fighting cancer by shaving their heads- potential participants have a choice, but children with cancer don’t.

    Since 2003, KRM has raised nearly $400,000 at local St. Baldrick’s celebrations and shorn 250 heads! KRM hosts the 3rd largest St. Baldrick’s celebration in the nation.