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Form and Function - Stylish and Comfortable Eyewear.
  • Founder and owner, Eric Geiger, has 30 years of experience in the optical business. He maintains high-quality standards and fast turnaround times, by personally edging lenses onsite. Eric and his staff are passionate about eye wear and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect glasses.

    Eric at is a huge supporter of the local arts scene and has some of the finest art in the area on display in the STYLEYES shop. He also supports local theater companies and groups by providing eye wear for props. He donates reading glasses and eye wear to local charities such as Loaves and Fishes, The Salvation Army, schools, nursing homes, and various care facilities.

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    Our Commitment to Customer Service

    At Styleyes, we don't want you to "settle" for glasses. If you're not jazzed about the frame, we're probably not done. If that means spending more time or ordering other frames, then that's what we will do. We aren't limited on the amount of time to spend on each customer. Our job is to meet your optical needs and that requires identifying them by discovering when and for what you will be wearing your eyewear. With such a variety of product available today, this sometimes takes a little bit longer, but ensures your satisfaction in the delivery and use.

    Our Selection


    Our Prices

    We have a wide variety of frame manufacturers and styles available to fit your budget, with frame prices ranging from $59 to over $300. Our lens pricing is also structured to make it less confusing by bundling the varied options together as a package.

    "My main objective is that people leave happy....whether they spend $150 or $600." - Eric Geiger