Tapa the World - Midtown

Spanish and World Cuisine in Midtown Sacramento.
  • 2115 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816



    Tuesday - Sunday
    Visit website or call for exact hours.

  • Lunch, Dinner, Tapas, Sangria, Wine, Cocktails
    and Live Spanish Classical & Flamenco Guitars on most nights

    Executive Chef and owner - Marcos Murillo

    This long time staple in the heart of the midtown food scene, has been a place of countless first-dates, engagements, anniversaries and memories. It is still known for being one of Sacramento’s most beloved date night destinations.

    Chef Marcos Murillo has been behind the scenes serving up some of your most favorite dishes, including his namesake – the Marcos Pollo for more than 23yrs. Over the years he promoted from line cook, to Sous Chef to eventually the Executive Chef, a position he has proudly held since 2008.

    After more than two decades - the time came for the original owners to pass the torch of this beloved restaurant to pursue other interests, travel and enjoy more time with their family. As it be, Chef Marcos, with his extensive experience at the helm of the kitchen, unrelenting passion, drive and natural talent, was more than ready to take on this challenge to pursue his dream.

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    Celebrating over 25 years of service in Sacramento!
    Tapa The World originally opened in May of 1994. Inspired by the orginal owners experiences and time spent abroad, their aspiration was to bring their love of Spanish food and entertainment here to share with Sacramento. The atmosphere continues to be relaxed, warm, welcoming and fun, encouraging guests to linger over their conversations, wine and dine with friends and enjoy the pleasure of live Spanish guitar.

    Today, this now chef-owned restaurant continues to serve up a large variety of their classic Spanish favorites - tapas and plates, along with his ever-changing daily specials and other culinary creations.

    Buen Provecho!

    The tradition of tapas began in the south of Spain around the turn of the century. Tavern owners placed a slice of bread over the top of the glass of wine (usually Fino Sherry) to protect it from airborne objects. Some owners started putting tidbits of food, like ham or cheese, on the bread to bring in more business. The edible lid (tapa) became a tradition that was always included in the price of the drink. Today, putting a lid on a drink is no longer necessary.

    But eating smaller sized portions at any time during the day and half the night developed into a serious way of life. So tapas today are essentially appetizer-sized portions of any type of food that can be easily shared. They can be snacks or whole meals or just the beginning of a meal. They are ideal for filling that little hunger gap at any hour, which is why we serve them until midnight every night. You can eat them standing at the bar with a beer after work or sitting around a table after the show.

    At Tapa the World, we offer you traditional Spanish dishes as well as new creations from our chef using locally sourced ingredients and globally sourced inspiration.