Taqueria Maya

Authentic taqueria-style food where everything is fresh and made with care by the whole Maya family!
  • 2700 Broadway
    Sacramento, CA 95811

    (916) 457-7208


    Daily 9am - 8:30pm

  • July 2020 Update: please contact us for the latest: (916) 476-3831

    May 22, 2020 Update: Dine-in now available

    OPEN for Take-Out Daily Morning until Night
    Please call (916) 476-3831 to place your pick up order now - we also serve To-Go Margaritas!








    Taqueria Maya is owned and operated by the Maya Family and located near downtown Sacramento, California. Taqueria Maya serves authentic taqueria-style food combined with a full menu of Mexican restaurant favorites. Please come and enjoy our food. Benvendidos!

    We also offer CATERING.

    About US

    Our family started in a ranching community near Penjamo Guanajuato, Mexico…

    …where everything was a one-hour drive away. We had to find a way to make a living, so our family built a small kitchen on the side of our home. We’d always had many recipes from within the family, so when money got tight we decided one day to start cooking for a living.

    I remember when our grandma used to get up at six every morning and make 500 tostadas and tortillas from scratch by grinding down the corn into a dough called “el molino”. There were no groceries stores around in our community, so we had our own acre of “milpa” were we farmed the vegetables we needed and got fresh meat from our local butcher and had to do everything by hand.

    We got used to making food with fresh ingredients from the beginning and never used anything frozen. Some of our signature platters including the Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Cabaza, Carnitas are still being made today.

    When our family moved into the US, our Dad began working at a local factory and eventually decided to start his own taco truck back in ’99 on Harbor and West Capital. We kept having customers saying how great our food was and they kept asking again and again that we should open a restaurant.

    We recently decided that now was the time to open our restaurant and so we launched in 2012 on 2700 Broadway Street in and so far it’s been picking up well. Our Taco Truck and Restaurant are owned and operated by family members. All of us know how to cook, thanks to our grandma for handing down her recipes.

    My favorite part of working the restaurant is getting feedback from our customers when they start telling us how much they loved their meal. Sundays are my favorite day because we have a local mariachi playing music and tortilla cook working the grill which all comes together with a feel-good atmosphere.

    -Daniel Maya