Tubman House

Tubman House is a Sacramento transitional community for parenting or pregnant homeless youth (ages 18-21) and their children.
  • PO Box 160085
    Sacramento, CA 95816



  • Tubman House opened in 2003 and provides 18 to 24 months of housing and support so that Sacramento's homeless, parenting youth and their children can get busy living rather than surviving. At Tubman, young parents experience a holistic program centered on youth development, the strengthening of physical and mental health, educational attainment, career development, and financial management so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives and leaders in the lives of their children and community. Children experience stability and blossom in a nurturing home . Children attend our licensed preschool at no cost.
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    Through Tubman House, young homeless parents work toward futures of the same potency as those pursued by children of successful families. Tubman is fierce in its belief that ALL youth need environments that encourage, and ALL youth need support in transitioning into adulthood. Having these needs does not mean a youth is troubled- it means a youth is alone. When given the same supports most youth take for granted at this juncture, our residents choose college degrees, secure housing, and meaningful careers. They choose not to make ends meet, but to thrive.

    Tubman spans across three shared housing sites, each providing a home and support to 5 to 8 families. Upon joining, each resident creates an action plan to achieve personal health, mental wellness, and healthy interdependence. This tool defines each resident’s work, establishing benchmarks and deadlines to define progress. For most, the plan includes proactive attention to health, high school completion, college attendance, activities to improve mental health, involved parenting, employment, saving at least $3000, and securing permanent housing.