2019 Unsilent Night : Sacramento

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Sun, December 15 2019
Fremont Park
16th St & Q St
6:00 pm
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Join us for our 5th annual Unsilent Night in Sacramento!

Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night is a free, outdoor participatory sound sculpture. Anyone is welcome to join — the event is family and dog-friendly. It’s also an all-weather event –we’ll hold it rain or moonshine!

What you need before the event:
1. The Unsilent Night app downloaded to your portable device (smartphone, iPod, etc.). The app includes the full soundtrack. OR you can download the soundtrack to an old school format to use with your boombox.
2. Portable speaker or other sound amplification for your portable device.
3. You wearing warm clothes and comfy shoes. Be prepared to take a leisurely promendade for about 45 minutes around Midtown.

What we all will do:
1. Get yourself, your portable device and speaker to Fremont Park on December 15 at 6pm. We will do this rain or (moon)light!
2. Mary Anne (💁🏽‍♀️) will give out instructions and information about the route.
3. At the magic stroke of 6:15, we’ll count down and have every start the Unsilent Night music on their devices. Then we start walking the route to create a mobile, musical sound sculpture throughout Midtown. Along the way, participants will get to enjoy the music change as the landscape changes. We also get to enjoy the look of people’s surprise at our group.
4. We end back at Fremont park around 45-minutes later.

Visit http://unsilentnight.com/about.html for more information about Unsilent Night.

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