Micah McCaw @ Shine

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Fri, November 8 2019
1400 E Street #A
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Official website: Micah McCaw
Facebook: Micah McCaw

Playing with Turtle Rock

Visiting once again from the state of Oregon, the songwriting and wit of MICAH McCAW! And with his whole band this time too! Plus, local support from indie band, TURTLE ROCK, and one more tba.

“Go, there are other worlds than these,” said Jake Chambers in Stephen King’s illustrious series The Dark Tower. Between the sloping hills of Southern Oregon, Micah McCaw explores multiple worlds through his music, taking folk and blues to create a sound one-of-a-kind to himself.

His first full-length album release, ‘til Life Turns Over, showcases his mastery on acoustic and electric guitar, as well as his vocals. It was nominated for Low O Radio’s Best Album of the Year in 2014. His sound only improved with the releases from his Bible Project, which personifies characters from the Bible. Each EP is one song longer than the previous one and the amount of minutes as the song’s track number. Adam (2014) is simple and profound, while Eve (2015) bears White Stripes influences of simplicity and intensity. Abel (2015) and Cain (2016) share hints of mewithoutYou and Pedro the Lion, while his own signature creativity of metaphorical lyrics and intricate melodies carry the songs. Modern Rock Review described Cain as a definitive musical approach towards alternative, as evidenced right away with the electric guitar riffing between the sparse and repetitive lyrical parts.”

Not only has he toured the country extensively with his own solo music, he’s also toured as a member in the bands Seaons (see-ons) and everett as lead guitarist and is a co composer for the upcoming indie film Obscura. He’s performed at such venues as Britt Festival in both Seaons and for his own solo music and Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. All the while he’s still finding time to co-host his comedic podcast We All Have Tongues with Peter and Peter.

McCaw’s single Tearing Seams transcends the folk genre through a layering of instruments and sincere vocals. By transcending the genre, he shares truth through his music that’s as thought provoking as it is eye opening.
Impose Magazine describes “Tearing Seams” as “a pure and crisp track that is both visually and musically pleasing to the senses.” Atwood Magazine praises, “ ‘Tearing Seams’ is a step back. It’s an observation of the world, in all its tricky wonder and complexity. McCaw, in his own expression of honest, selfish desire, brings his listeners to turn in on themselves as well: To look at what we have and what we want, and – if just for four musical minutes – appreciate our bodies and minds, our friends and family, our values and our possessions; our health and happiness.”

Threads, McCaw’s newest EP, contains three original songs and a beautiful reimagining of “Come Thou Fount.” The EP expounds upon McCaw’s ever deepening maturity as a songwriter and musician.

“Consciousness 201” is the companion to “Intro to Consciousness 101” from McCaw’s debut album. Heavy guitar tones slowly climb with McCaw’s soft vocals into an even softer finish that leads right into “Dead Vineyard.” Pulling inspiration from Jon Foreman in both songwriting and vocals, the theme of the song is simultaneously challenging and motivating. “Mustard Seed” slows the listener down with an airy guitar and ominous synths in the background. Just like the preceding song, the message challenges the listener, while the tone sympathizes right into the chorus-lead bridge. “Come Thou Fount” finishes the EP with a refreshing take on an old hymn, inviting the listener to sing along.

Just as Jake’s opening of doors lead to other worlds, so McCaw will continue exploring other styles and genres. And similar to Jake and his ka-tet’s journey, one can never be too sure about what lies behind the door.

$8 cover (cash only) + 1 drink min
all ages always welcome


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