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On Dining Out…

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We know there are many questions and concerns as it relates to dining out and COVID-19. We wanted to take a moment to detail how we are taking precautions, outline some short-term business adjustments we are making to weather the anticipated slowdown, and to also share some ways our community can provide support to small businesses such as ours during this difficult time.


First and foremost, the restaurant industry is highly regulated when it comes to health and food safety. At Canon, we take great pride in our high standards (as demonstrated by our recent award for Food Safety Excellence from the County of Sacramento). We will continue to follow all protocols as outlined by Local and Federal regulators. We hope you take comfort in knowing that every box has been, and will continue to be, checked as it relates to cleanliness, hygiene, and food handling.

Alongside our continued mission to meet and exceed the aforementioned standards and protocols, here are a few steps worth highlighting:

  • We use a disinfectant between every table turn to sanitize any surface that may have come in contact with the previous guest.
  • Our dish machines use QUAT-based sanitizer for all cooking apparatus, plates, glasses, and silverware.
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire restaurant and all surfaces between service.
  • We have a towel dispenser and wastebasket near the restroom doors for guests that wish to utilize a towel to open and close doors.
  • We have also provided a hand sanitation station outside of our restroom door.

Table Space
Until further notice, we will be limiting our reservation and seating inventory to ensure that we can provide space between guests to the best of our abilities.

Keep the Pen
In an effort to limit unnecessary contact with items that may have been touched by other guests we are providing guests with ballpoint pens that they are encouraged to take upon their departure.

Many guests loved our eco-friendly metal straws, and while the straws are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between use, we are moving to disposable and compostable straws until further notice.


As difficult it is to make adjustments to our business, it is important to be proactive in the short-term to ensure that our business is in a position to succeed in the long run. After this Sunday, Canon will be suspending brunch service. We love brunch. It is just not productive enough to justify the allocation of resources at this critical time. We will instead focus our attention on our core business, which is dinner service. However, we are considering offering a very limited number of to-go items during brunch such as the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll, because well, we can’t deprive people of their cinnamon roll fix! So please, join us this weekend, and then stay tuned!

Effective immediately, we will be adjusting our hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday to take reservations only from 5pm-8pm. That means the last seating is at 8pm. If you come in at 8pm, we are happy to provide our full-service experience. Friday and Saturday our hours will remain the same for the time being, 5pm-10pm.

We also want to offer a wider variety of price points to enjoy at Canon, and will be offering our Happy Hour menu throughout the entire service in designated areas, Tuesday-Friday. And as always, Sunday is a great value with Sunday Fixe, our $30 multi-course menu. Sunday also features half-off bottles of Champagne!

Other strategies and innovations are being contemplated every day, so please keep your ear to the ground for future updates.


It is no secret, the hospitality industry is impacted greatly by the sudden downturn. We need your support more than ever. If you are healthy, low-risk, and feel comfortable dining at Canon, or at any restaurant within the Sacramento dining community, by all means, please come out and support us!

Here are some other ideas:

Buy a Gift Card
Whether it is from us, or anyone else, gift cards are a great way to provide a little boost. Here is our link:

If you have to cancel, we totally understand, advance notice is greatly appreciated so we can schedule and prepare accordingly.

Down the Road… Book a Large Party
A great way to help us make up some ground is to have a party with your friends on our patio, in our private dining room, or even host a private lunch event! For more information about bookings for large parties, follow this link: 

Some businesses, including ours, might be adjusting our staff levels, or closing a little early on some evenings. This is certainly not what we want to do, but it might be what we need to do. So please understand if there are any inconveniences on this end, we are going to do our very best, as always, to deliver a great experience for all.

We are doing our very best to ensure our staff is taken care of amid the changing schedule and adjustments, and as a friendly FYI, we wanted to let you know that our servers share their tips with support staff and kitchen staff. Your generosity goes a long way and benefits all employees at Canon.

Buy an album!
Restaurants are not the only ones affected. Working musicians have been hit especially hard with canceled gigs. If you know an artist that has an album for sale, don’t just stream, buy an album or some merch, share your love for artists and musicians with your friends. We are in this together!

With that, please take care of yourself, and others. We appreciate your continued support, we will be here…please visit if you are able.

Your Friends at Canon

PSA: Thursdays are now Kebab day at @58degreesmidtown. Stop by for a skewer! 
** Find 58 Degrees on 18th between L and Capitol
** Find East End parking garage on 17th, one block away

PSA: Thursdays are now Kebab day at @58degreesmidtown. Stop by for a skewer!
** Find 58 Degrees on 18th between L and Capitol
** Find East End parking garage on 17th, one block away

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